February 09, 2016
Lo Saamod - Do Not Stand By

Torah Declaration In The Media

Our Stance on Homosexuality: Agudath Leader Takes on Gay Reparative Therapy
2/15/2012 : The Jewish Daily Forward, by Rabbi Avi Shafran
But other mental health care professionals insist that such interventions, conducted responsibly, are not only safe, but also (at least for the highly motivated) effective. And then there are the inconvenient numbers of actual human beings who testify that the therapy has helped them realize their goal to live exclusively heterosexual lives. I have met one such individual — an intelligent, sensitive and even-keeled man — and have corresponded with therapists who have helped dozens of patients control homosexual inclinations and, as a result, live happy, fulfilled, Torah-faithful lives.
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Agudath Israel Strongly Defends the Rights of Rabbis to Sign the Torah Declaration
1/31/2012 : Agudath Israel Press Release, by Rabbi David Zwiebel, Executive Vice President
The Torah forbids homosexual acts, in strong unequivocal terms. Encouraging people with homosexual orientations to explore means of dealing with their urges in a manner that is Jewishly appropriate is precisely what one would expect an Orthodox rabbi to promote – and what, surely, a Torah-loyal Jew challenged by same-sex attraction would welcome. …the very essence of the statement sends an encouraging message of hope that Jews challenged by same-sex attraction do have the ability to live their lives in accord with the norms of Torah.
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Amsterdam Chief Rabbi Suspended For Gay Stance
1/18/2012 : The Jerusalem Post, by Cnaan Liphshiz
AMSTERDAM – The Orthodox Jewish community of Amsterdam suspended its US-born chief rabbi on Tuesday for cosigning a declaration which said homosexuality was a “treatable” inclination. Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday that he found it “scandalous that a chief rabbi cannot state the Torah viewpoint for his community without being penalized…”
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RCA Takes Issue with Torah Declaration on Homosexuality; Is It Kinder to Offer Hope or Better to Offer Nothing?
1/1/2012 1: The Jewish Voice and Opinion, by Susan L. Rosenbluth
RCA vice-president, Rabbi Leonard Matanky agreed that, “for hurting people, therapy should always be recommended by a caring spiritual leader.”
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Coalition of Orthodox rabbis, Mental Health Professionals, Community Leaders Release Bold Statement On Homosexuality: Refutes Liberal Jewish Groups
12/28/2011: MassResistance , by
The religious Jewish community is striking back! A coalition of over 150 Orthodox rabbis, respected mental health professionals, community leaders, and others from across America and several foreign countries have released a statement that strongly refutes and repudiates the liberal Jewish political correctness and misinformation regarding homosexuality…
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Rabbonim OK Therapeutic Approach to Homosexuality
12/28/2011: Arutz Sheva – Israel National News, by Hana Levi Julian, MSW, LCSW-R
A coalition of Orthodox rabbis, leaders and mental health professionals sign “Declaration on the Torah Approach to Homosexuality.”
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Rabbis Get Biblical On Same-Sex Lovin’ 100 top leaders employing Torah to wage war against Obama push
12/27/2011: WorldNetDaily.com, by Bob Unruh
In a stunning formal statement that directly confronts Barack Obama’s presidency-long campaign to promote and normalize homosexuality, a coalition of Orthodox rabbis and respected mental-health professionals says being “gay” is a behavior that can be changed and healed with therapy, if the person has the desire…
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Therapy To Help Homosexuals Change Orientation: Hundreds Of Orthodox Rabbis Now Say It’s The Only Torah-Approved Way
12/8/2011 : The Jewish Voice and Opinion, by Susan L. Rosenbluth
The announcement in the middle of November that Rabbi Steven Greenberg, a graduate of Yeshiva University's RIETS who identifies as an openly homosexual Orthodox spiritual leader, had performed a “quasi-halachic” wedding ceremony for two men at the Sixth and I Historic Synagogue in Washington, DC, has once again highlighted the issue of the Orthodox poisition on Homosexuality…
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Additional Torah Based Statements on Homosexuality By Orthodox Rabbis

Torah View on Homosexuality     Rav Hershel Schachter, Rav Mordechai Willig, et al.
“K’maase Eretz Mitzrayim asher yeshavtem ba lo sa’asu - like the practice of the land of Egypt in which you dwelled do not do” (Vayikra 18:3) This verse prohibits the most immoral forms of behavior - idolatry, incest, adultery, bloodshed, male and female homosexual activity and bestiality…
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Orthodox Rabbis Stand On Principle     Algemeiner Staff
In response to a recent “Orthodox” same-sex marriage ceremony conducted in Washington, D.C. by Rabbi Steve Greenberg, – who is openly gay, and married Yoni Bock and Ron Kaplan at the 6th & I Synagogue in Washington in November – over 100 Orthodox Rabbis…
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